PMWay web is an ideas sandbox

PMWay: The Way to Project and Process Management Excellence

In essence know that PMWay is an ideas web site I started in 2009.

The PMWay web at this url ( is a very thin frontend of my home hosted, but not 24/7 web site; over 900 GB in size!.
This "thin" web is up 24/7 and gives a quick overview of me and my interest and ideas in ITIL and Project Management Process Improvements etc., with links (for some, if registered, to drill down into this information). Also this web houses my Portfolio, my CV (Credentials) etc., and a Contact form.

Recently I expanded PMWay to support my Master's of Science research.
The research focus is on software engineering processes (especially ITIL 3 and 4 processes and CMMi processes (supporting DevOps and sustainable Software Quality and Productivity improvements, good governance etc.)), with the BHAG "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" of understanding Edwards W. Deming and other common sense; to aspire to operate consistently above Capability Maturity Level 1.
I.e. Do you / Can you? Mind the Gap!

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