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Process Focus

Productivity & Quality

It's all about "upping" Productivity and Quality stats
& Optimizing your Value Streams

Up your Productivity and Quality Stats
(while reducing Risk, Rework and Waste)
by firming up CM Level 2 processes.

Do this for Traditional Project Management processes or Agile processes.
Then, with a managed CM Level 2 base firmly in place; reach higher.

Connect the dots here to see how to incorporate the project management processes above with
CMMi 3.1 (Software Engineering and other processes), ITIL best practice (the ITIL 4 Service Value System) and DevOps, Cobit 5 etc.,
for success.

More Information?

Click here to go to the Capability Maturity Model.
Can you appreciate that CM Level 2 contains the project management processes found in the PMBOK 6 dashboard?
And guess what... They are also found in agile!
Can you spot them in the popular agile method Scrum's processes?

Click the tile below for ideas to rapidly
"Up Your Game Stats" for CM L2+
Red Beads

It (CM Level 2+ as differentiated from CM L1 and below)
is all about Process Focus and thereby Productivity & Quality improvements
(quality outputs from the processes)

Example of automation in a Value Stream
"Grain In and Meal Out"

Capability Maturity Level 2 is essentially all about Project Management processes

Else operating @ CM L1
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