The Democratic Alliance Speech in reply to SONA 2020

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For those with a brain watching the embarrassing events at SONA 2020, after being forced to witness over 2 decades as the Absolutely No Clue party have systematically destroyed our dreams, stealing billions from the people (with no one yet in jail), the speech from the DA was the only intelligent moment as the sun sets on South Africa.

A look across the border at the devastation caused by the communists / "liberators?" in Zimbabwe is empirical evidence of the clear and present danger (as a focus of concentrated evil and ignorance in our time) we (58 million souls) in South Africa face at their hands.



Note: Below is opinion from PMWay.
If you do not agree (can't get it)
fly away now!

Billions of Rands stolen by the South African ANC Government and no one goes to jail!

Sadly, and when dealing with those who have Absolutely No Clue...
"Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon! It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board,
and strut about like it's won anyway."

Playing chess with a pigeon brain

Click here for some of the many news articles that clearly evidence
Capability Maturity Level ZERO in South Africa

Id est: to hell with the PFMA, Generally Accepted Accounting Practice and Good Governance!
To hell with the Rainbow Nation, as an attitude with a CM Level ZERO agenda
is clearly explained in the document
 "betrayal of the promise."

Yet, even after Ramaphoria has explicitly promised to deal with the problem


Enter /sa for more "hard hitting" observations about the New South Africa,
but also some tips about CM L2 behavior and how it can assist South Africa
(of which this web site is a contribution if only you are able to "join the dots.")
And also, if interested, find out how to deal with their " gas lighting" games they a re playing with the Rainbow Nation,
obviously their cruel manipulative tactic to keep the "herd" scared and disorientated,
while this greedy gang of thieves
clearly (as the shoe fits) demonstrated by their own actions to be the "non believers" we hoped they were not;
who continue to loot the Rainbow Nation's resources.

Some final thoughts
Trevor Noah:  Born a Crime under Apartheid!
The absolutely no clue:  Born to Commit Crime against the Rainbow Nation!
jacob zuma (and other state capture gang members):  Enemy #1 of the people of South Africa!

Shame on you all!