Scrum Method in 6 minutes

Scrum Values

Scrum Values

Scrum Principles, Processes and Aspects


Scrum Principles

Scrum Processes

Scrum Aspects

Governance in Scrum
(Operating @ Capability Maturity Level 2+)

Click below to find out why the PO role is crucial (NOT TO MANAGE OR RIDE THE SCRUM TEAM) but rather to define User Stories (WHAT WHEN) and approve the demo deck after each sprint

Click the image below for the Scrum Method Valued Model in pdf

Scrum Value Model essence
To understand why, the (stepwise) goose, click here.

How not to do scrum!

The image below is much better!


Scrum method is under control, following scrum process in a stepwise manner; delivering results!
FYI, if you do not know this already: the Scrum Master is in the saddle
and the developers are clear about the track and are not whipped, wild and frothing at the mouth.
The Product Owner's ONLY JOB is to manage the track!

Here is the concept in more detail

Which role is accountable for Scrum Processes

Click here for more about CI/CD, the DML (ITIL) and DevOps.

And here for the V Model. I.e. Mind The Gap!

And here for an article on Scrum Master or Product Owner doing other role as well.

And here for the low down on RACI to assist with ROLE clarity.

And here for the scrum dysfunctions and ways to fix these.