Based on recent project performance, where would you pin down your Capability Maturity level?

Using your mouse "drag" the pin to the image above and move it along the red line
leaving it pinned in the position you believe you are operating at currently.

Take a look at the bottom of the ladder on the image above!
Can you see that following process is how you climb up the Capability Maturity ladder?
If you think that Agile does not follow process (a typical Capability Maturity Level 1 perception) you are seriously uninformed.
Open Scrum here
to see this agile method's processes. Did you see that Scrum has the core processes PP and PMC?  Now see if you can tie PP and PMC in Scrum back to the PMBOK dashboard.
Note: Each link above opens in a new tab so you can "cross compare" results.

Now take a good look at the Program Termination Zone on the image above on this page.  
Remember that a Program is simply a bunch of strategically aligned projects.

For Systems Engineering the CMMi Dashboard for Development is your playbook!
This is one of 4 process improvement dashboards used by the Carnegie Mellon University in their Capability Maturity Model integrated body of knowledge.
See if you can find the Capability Maturity Level 2 project management processes (especially PP and PMC) on the CMMi Dev Dashboard.
They are found under ('PA' (Process Area) which is right next to 'ML' (Maturity Level) on the CMMi Dev Dashboard).
The 4 CMMi dashboards [CMM People, CMMi for Development, CMMi for Services & CMMi for Acquisition] combine and use most of these processes, while some have specialist processes dedicated only to specific dashboards.

The above information, in a 'nutshell' is the absolute essence of being able to operate at Capability Maturity Level 2!