PMWay shows how to rapidly put into play the "Bodies of Knowledge" and "Good Governance" urgently needed to assist South Africa now! 
south africa failed state Capability Maturity Level ZERO!
The aim of this page is to avoid South Africa, currently (and clearly) being governed with "Absolutely No Clue" (by the "ANC"), becoming a "Failed State."

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In fear of the New South Africa's future under the "governance?" of the ANC
I (PMWay's webmaster) pulled together the image below in 2009! 

Sinking Feeling

If we analyze the current Economic position South African finds itself in 10 years later (2019)
then it is obvious that PMWay's predictions were bang on target!

Click the image below for an analysis by the University of South Africa in 2010.
Its relevance in 2019 is clear proof that predictions and warnings of a failed state, consistently ignored, are (per the trend established) on the verge of realization!
Its source and the Strategy Building Blocks Model used is from the UNISA Hons. Strategy Module: STRBSC/1

Clearly Economic and Production Stats under the ANC shows they have Absolutely No Clue! 
The stats also show that the ANC are operating at the low end of Capability Maturity Level 1,
but with the intention to operate at Capability Maturity Level ZERO
- which is nowhere!? 
Therefore, South Africa, under the ANC, will,
due to their inability to appreciate and rectify the emergency (non existence) condition,
continue to remain, in a severe downward (and non-existence) trend
downward trend

Flatline ... roll on failed state and our economy will continue to flat line!

And while South Africa sinks the ANC play their games!

Because we want to take what you have

upping the heat

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